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Спецификация: ISO VG 32; ISO L /HV, DIN HVLP

Hydraulic Oil HLPT 32 is a multigrade hydraulic and gear oil of a special application\ formulated upon deeply refined, dewaxed and hydrorefined mineral oils. It contains a properly selected package of additives improving viscosity, lubrication, anti-oxidation, anticorrosion, antifoam qualities as well as attributes modifying friction.


The oil formula guarantees:

  • very low dependence of the oil viscosity on temperature (improved viscosity and temperature properties),
  • optimum protection of the lubricated elements surface,
  • high antifoam properties,
  • good air release,
  • cleanness of the lubrication system,
  • anti-wear protection and a long life of the lubrication system elements.

The oil is designed for application:

  • Hydraulic and gear oil HLPT 32 is particularly recommended for application in hydrodynamic and steering systems where oil is required to have low viscosity dependence on temperature, fast air release and good anti-wear properties.
  • Storage life is 3 years from the date of production.
  • The oil operation time and its application is given in the OEM recommendations:

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